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Image by Debby Hudson


- Herreid, South Dakota -

We Need Your Help!

With your support, Fairview Cemetery can be restored and re-imagined to be a well-tended and beautiful final resting place, a relevant, vibrant green space and destination for Herreid families and tourists.

Two Ways To Support 

Operating Expenses

Mowing the grass, maintaining and removing fallen tree limbs are just some of the ongoing expenses necessary to properly maintain the Cemetery and preserve the memory for those laid to rest.  Please consider donating today.

The Funds Purpose: To provide immediate financial support to pay for ongoing expenses such as mowing, landscaping and maintenance of Fairview Cemetery in Herreid, SD.


Endowment Fund

Let's grow together to create a long-term, sustainable solution for maintaining the Fairview Cemetery.  Endowments are wisely-invested assets that grow.  In time, the interest earned will assist to defray future ongoing maintenance.  Please consider donating today for this long-term strategy.

The Funds Purpose: To provide future financial support to the City of Herreid for the charitable purpose of maintaining the Fairview Cemetery in Herreid, SD.

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